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Buddhist Flag-The Universal Symbol of Buddhism
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Size: 26x22 Inches
Weight: 70 gram

The six colors on the flag represent the aura that emanated from the body of the Buddha when He attained Enlightenment under the bodhi tree. The horizontal stripes represent the races of the world living in harmong and the vertical stripes represent eternal world peace. Each color is a separate strip of fabric sewn together to form this amazing flag. 100% cotton. Has both a pole pocket and pole ties for flexible display options. Best for indoor or covered outdoor use. Made in Kathmandu, Nepal.

This flag features five traditional colors and have 6 vertical bands. The first five bands have individual colors whereas the last one consists of all five colors.

The difference in colors in the flags are made to emphasize their own teachings. This one is a Tibetan Buddhist flag, emphasizing on Maroon Monastic robe color.

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