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108 Bead Yellow Turquoise Stretchy Mala
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We found these beautiful, yellow/green colored beads this past year after making a custom stretchy mala for a customer.  We loved it so much that we sat down to make a few more.

These beads are most commonly referred to as "yellow turquoise" because it occurs in the same mines and has similar matrix patterns as turquoise.  This stone is actually a serpentine mineral with a large amount of quartz inclusions.  Quartz is a stone used for its ability to help focus the mind and purify energies.

Handmade in the USA.   Yellow Turquoise beads are sourced in India, while the silver barrel spacers are sourced in India and Nepal and will vary slightly with each handmade piece.

Measures approximately 24 inches around.  The small 6mm beads make it perfect for counting mantras and the stretchy cord allows it to fit over most wrists.

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