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Tibetan Prayer Wheel Carved with Ranjana Script(Lantsa)
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Size of Prayer Wheel: 4.9"Hx10.9" round
Total Size: 13"
Weight: 325 grams approx

This is an exquisite copper hand held prayer wheel which has been inlaid with resin to look like faux turquoise and faux coral stones.

The Ranjana Script(Lantsa) is engraved in 2 lines around the cylinder. To hold the prayer wheel perfectly, there is a wooden stick of 8.6" attached to it.

The prayer wheel is affixed with a chain terminating in a metal weight allowing it to be spun by a slight rotation of the wrist. This prayer wheel is made by old generations Newari artist in the Patan area of Nepal. These prayer wheel are handmade and that is the reason they are unique and different from other machine made prayer wheel.

Prayer Wheels are a manifestation of the Compassion Buddha's holy speech.

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