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Handmade Tibetan Incense Sticks
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Size: 7"H x 1.75"W
Weigth:105 grams

                                                                      OM Mane Peme Hum  

Om Mane Peme Hum Incense is compounded in accordance to the Tibetan manuscripts on incense making. It consists of a special blend of pure natural herbs and aromatic ingredients gathered from the Himlayas. It is traditionally used as an offering during pujas. It helps promote a feeling of peace and tranquility during meditation.

                                                                      Dalai Lama's Blessing 

The Dalai Lama Blessing incense is used as an offering incense by Buddhists and others for the purpose of meditation and purifying.  This incense is collectively made out of various Aromatic, organic herbs found in high altitude regions of Tibet and the plains of Nepal, and is made under strict control of Traditional Tibetan handmade incense following the key instructions of Renowned Herb Masters. Product includes forty 10-inch sticks of incense.

Tibetan Meditation

Tibetan meditation Incense-A Special Medicinal Inhaling Incense is formulated in strict compliance with Tibetan buddhist Medical Tantra & under direct guidance and supervision of herbs masters. It consists of various natural ingredients and herbs. 

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