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Tibetan Five Elements (Pancha-Karma Incense) Incense Sticks
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Size: 7"

Weight: 25 grams approx (single pack)
This incense contains one round wooden incense burner.

These are the handmade Tibetan incense sticks from Nepal. The five elements include Water, Wind, Earth, Blue Sky and Fire. This incense is prepared using all natural ingredients. The details description of the incense is given Below: 

1. Wind (A Healing Blend): It is a blend of Agar-31 with many curative properties. It is beneficial for relieving stress, tension and depression. It has a blend of Agar and Spikenard. 

2. Blue Sky (Good Morning Incense): It is a blend of Rose and Anthopogan Flower that is use for purification of mental alertness and courage. 

3. Water (A meditation Blend): It is a blend of 55 natural ingredients with more percentages of Juniper Berry and Camomile. This incense is use during meditation to remove tensions and purify mind. 

4. Fire (Good Evening Incense) : It is a blend of 35 natural ingredients with more percentage of Red and White Sandal. It helps in fostering clarity while dreaming.

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