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Nepa Lokta Rope Incense Set
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Just in from Nepal, Nepa Lokta Rope Incense set!  

Nepalese rope incense is the traditional stick incense used in Nepal for Puja, meditation, and shamanic healing practices.  Contains Ayurveda and different composition of the herbs from the Himalayan region which is made by the local Newar women groups in Kathmandu Valley.  Comes with a handmade, clay turtle incense holder.  

Individually wrapped rope incense (15 of each):

Lomathang Incense- Valerian, licorice and kum-kum.

Mustang Incense- Kud, agai agur and sal dhoop.

Annapurna Incense- Sandalwood, holy basil and cardamom.

Ganesh Incense- Juniper and greater cardamom.

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