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Ancient Tibetan Flower(Anthopogon) Incense Stick
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Size: 5.11”x1.57”x1.57”

No. of Incense Stick=30

Length of Incense Stick=11.5 cm/4.52”

Weigth:75 gram

                             Flower(Anthopogon) Tibetan Incense Stick

Rhododendron Anthopogon with Ghanten Khampa dried leaves used by the people of himalayas for stimulating and Himalayan refreshing Aroma. These flowers are found in the high altitude regions of Tibet & Nepal. These flowers are used as medicines as well as incense in Tibetan medicine system & in aromatherapy. Perfectly safe for the inhalation & environment.
It contains 30 sticks with 1 incense holder. Each stick burns for 60 min.

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