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Ancient Tibetan Bdellium (Gokul-Resin) Incense Stick
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Size: 5.11”x1.57”x1.57”

No. of Incense Stick=30

Length of Incense Stick=11.5 cm/4.52”

Weigth:75 gram

                             Bdellium (Gokul-Resin) Tibetan  Incense Stick,NEPAL

Bdellium is mainly called "Guggulu" in sanskrit and has wide use of medicinal properties. Guggulu was burnt to scare of witches or demons. It is also helps to eradicate arthritis, rheumatism and neurological disorders. perfectly safe fot the inhalation and environment.

It contains 30 sticks with 1 incense holder. Each stick burns for 60 min.

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