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Felt Ball Rugs 120 cm for Home & Office Use
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Size:120 cm Diameter

Multicolor Individual felt ball wrapped in a silk saree. Wool Felt Rug Carpet 120 cm, Felt Ball Round Carpet, Wool Felt Rug, Round Pom Pom Rugs, Felt Floor Rug.

Beautiful and vibrant multicolor felt pom pom rug is entirely handmade in Nepal. The felt balls are felted by our women artists using imported New Zealand Sheep wool and are sewed together tightly to make this beautiful round felt rug.

This Felt Rug looks beautiful and adds vibrant colors to your room. This is going to be perfect addition to any home or business. This is a great way to decorate any of your room. This is soft and easy to care. Just cleanse the dirty area with luke warm water and let it dry in the air.

This felt ball rug has eye catching colors and the felt balls are dyed using Swiss Clariant Dyeing Process. This is the most ecological carpet/Rug.

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