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Tibetan HandPainted Wooden Guru Padmasambhava Wall Hanging
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Size:28"H X 24.4"W
Weight:3.1 KG
                                               Tibetan Hand Painted Guru Padmasambhava Wooden Wall Hanging

Padmasambhava was the most powerful apostle of Tantricism and is a very eminent saint in the spiritual lineage of the Nyingmapa order of Tibetan Buddhism of which he was the founder.  He was born out of a lotus flower (Padma), in Lake Dhankasha in Udiayana, an ancient city of India.  He received great notoriety as a powerful exorcist and was invited by King Trisong Detsen in ca. 715 to come to Tibet to subdue the local spirits obstructing the introduction of Buddhism.  Using phur-pa (ceremonial "tent-stake") rituals, Padmasambhava convinced the local spirits to become protectors of the Dharma (Dharmapalas).  He lived in Tibet for 50 years.  

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