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Ancient Tibetan Saffron (Nagkeshar) Incense Stick
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Size: 5.11”x1.57”x1.57”

No. of Incense Stick=30

Length of Incense Stick=11.5 cm/4.52”

Weigth:75 grams

                                              Ancient Tibetan Saffron (Nagkeshar) Incense

Nagkeshar is most important in Npal system of medicine and its very popular in Tibet as well as Yunani system of medicine which brings coolingness by smell. Central Asian aromatic and narotic crocus flower arem main source of Nagkeshar which mainly signifies the wealth as well as cosmic herbal for anti allergic. It also removes anxiety fever headache, cough makes freshness and mentally well. because of its goldness in color; brightness the color of human body and aquire goldne completion. Perfectly safe for the inhalation and environment.

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