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Blue Sky Incense Stick (Lemon & Herbs Mixed)
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Size:  6.7"

Weigth: 60 grams

Maufactured: Nepal



Blue SKY Stick Incense(Lemon & Herbs Mixed)


The ancient art of making incense is the traditional Masala method in which natural resins, flower, spices, aromatic & medicinal herbs are blended. In order to create stick forms it mixed with natural glue & resins. This Tibetan incense revived this traditional with its exclusive ingredients (Lemon ) & other Genuine Himalayan herbs. Generally the incense is used for puja offering & purification, but it is also used as airfreshner which keeps one’s surrounding flavoured with good scent.


It Contains 52 sticks, 17cm long, 60 grams (Approx-m) when packed. Each stick burns for 45 minutes

It contains 1 wooden burner.

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