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Green Tara Decorated with Bodhileaf Tibetan Incense Sticks
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Length of incense stick = 21 cm

No. of Incense in a Pack = 19

Weight: 90 grams

 Green Tara Decorated with  Bodhileaf Tibetan Incense Sticks,Nepal

This Tibetan Incense is hand Manufactured based on the principles of the Buddhist Medicinal system and formulation prescribed by a great yogi of Bodhi school Buddhism in Tibet.

Green Tara Incense (Defect Obstructing evil and helps to accomplish one's aim Child and Wealth franting goddess. Helps one's to attain Nirvana):  According to the Tibetan indigenous medicinal theory, a blend of this incense with the fragrance of Sandalwoodand other precious herbal Medicinal ingredients helps to releive Meditation, Feeling of Tranquality and used to offering to the different gods & goddesses.

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