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Dharma-Chakra Incense Box
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Size: 8.94”

No. of Incense Stick: 27

Length of Incense Stick: 8.85”

Weight: 92 gram

                          Lokta Paper's Dharma-Chakra Incense Box

Dharma Chakra Incense in unique in that it is the only incense that is prepared on the basis of the complicated directions prescribed byadviser of Tibetan Medicine Incense burning for prayer offerings and for purification forms a major ritual of Tibetan Buddhism, Dharma Chakra Incense is purely handmade from scented medicine herbs and other precious substances. Eack incense packet consists of 25 different ingredients, The combination of the centuries-old other preparation and natural scented herbs makes Dharma Chakra Incense richer and superlative quality. It is also hazard free. It keeps one's surrounding permeated with healthy natural scent.

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