Incense, come from Latin words “Something burnt”. Our ancestors found that most material give a unique and some extra powerful aroma when it burnt with different smell through leaves, spices, wood and herbs. We can see that most culture burnt incense for sacred and healing purpose.

People used incense for a traditional purpose like pujas, prayer and other forms of worship. And  for the purifying the surrounding, assembly of Buddhas, Bodhisattavas, god, demons and other. We know that incense is dispersed through the air by a variety of mean including sticks, cones, wands, charcoal burners, oil burner. In below figure we can see that material used to make incense and the incense pattern.

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Handmade Tibetan Vajra Herbal Aroma Rope Incense(Dhupaiya)
Size: 4"H x 1.75"WWeigth: 30 gramsManufactured: Nepal This  is a Traditional Newar..
Availability 1000
Handpainted and Handcarved Lotus Design Tibetan Wooden Incense Burner
Made by our finest master craftsmen in Kathmandu, this is a beautiful incense burner. The wooden..
Availability 1000
Herbal Aroma Children's Village - Gift Pack Incense
Size:7.87”L x2.75”W x0.98”H No.of Incense: 57Length of Incense:  7.5”Weight:130gram&n..
Availability 1000
Herbal Himalayas Tibetan Horoscope Incense: For All 12 Zodiac Signs
Size: 7 inches Weight: 135 grams approx. No of Incense sticks: 37 Burn time: 50-60 minutes. ..
Availability 1000
Heritage Tibetan Incense Stick(Symbol of pertaining to Love or Erotic)
Size: 8.7"x1"Weight:110gramManufacture: NepalHeritage Incense Stick,NEPAL(Symbol of pertaining ..
Availability 999
Himalayan Aromatherapy Incense Sticks
Size:  9"Lx1.75"WWeight: 115 gramManufacture: NepalBhutanese Reviving Himalayan ..
Availability 1000
Himalayan Diety Large Tibetan Incense Sticks
Size: 7.5 inch L No. Of Incense sticks: 21 Weight: 600 grams approx. Himalayan Diety Large ..
Availability 997
Himalayan Healing Incense
Size:  5.7"LNo. of Incense Stick=15Weigth:25 grams           ..
Availability 999
Himalayan Herbal Incense Stick
Size:  9.05”L x1.77”DTotal Length Incense Stick: 8.5”No. of Incense Stick: 27Wei..
Availability 1000
Himalayan Incense in Lokta Box
Size: 5.5" LongNo. Of Incense In a pack: 28Weight: 140 gram          &..
Availability 1000
Himalayan Incense Stick
Size:  8.14”L x1.77”DTotal Length Incense Stick: 7.8”No. of Incense Stick: 21Wei..
Availability 1000
Himalayan Incense Stick-5 set
Size: 4"Weight: 85 gram             ..
Availability 1000
Himalayan Juniper Rope Incense: Set of Six Herbal Rope Incense
Total Length Incense Stick: 3.55”Weight: 135 gramManufacture: NepalBurning incense is an important..
Availability 1000
Himalayan Natural Ancient Tibetan Incense Stick
Size:7.5”x1.”No. of Incense Sticks:19 Weight:68gram This Incense is a secret blend of Aloe woo..
Availability 1000
Himalayan Orginal TaraHealing Tibetan Incense Stick
Size:     5.5" LWeight: 33 gramNo. of stick: 19 sticks in a pack  &nbs..
Availability 998
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